A Special Message from the People of Pennfield Presbyterian Church:

Welcome to Pennfield Presbyterian! No matter who you are, where you’re from or what your background,
we invite you to join us here for worship, fellowship and spiritual growth. And now, as we enter the closing days
of summer here, may you continue to find renewal and peace. A prayer for late summer:

God of summer breezes and humidity, we acknowledge your magnificence amidst the things accompanying us: mosquitoes that peck at our skin; fireflies lighting our way in the darkness; campfires at night burning away the dross of our lives. You fill our hearts with gratitude for these summer days by lakeside or meandering river in state and county park or just the pond a short walk into the woods.

Some days it rains and our hearts cloud up with lack of direction until we make our peace with what you give us. Then come thunderstorms and lightening and all kinds of things thrown in our way. We lose our way in the messiness and complexity of our lives until you dry out our souls and put a new heart in us. We come to understand the pattern of our lives in the rain drops that fall and the cloudburst that startles until the cool breezes of a summer’s night again call our attention to the stars above. Help us understand the way of the spirit in the gentle winds that refresh and the blue sky overhead

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d making our heart sing your presence.

Grant us the perspective that even the storms of these summer months offer a calm only you can grace us with. God of all seasons we thank and praise you for these summer days in which you promise us much more than we can give ourselves. Amen.

Yours in Christ, 
The People of Pennfield Presbyterian

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